Students protest district's opposition to LGBT club - - Jackson, MS

Students protest district's opposition to LGBT club

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BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - Students and parents in Rankin County are speaking out against a recent school board action they say discriminates against efforts to create a gay-straight alliance.

On Tuesday night, the supporters of the club are protesting the school board at their headquarters in Brandon.

They held colorful signs, and chanted 'all students deserve a safe place.'

The students and parents say when the district learned they were trying to start a gay-straight alliance, they began requiring parents to sign a consent form.

They believe that was a strategy to limit their organization from forming.

The Mississippi ACLU says they are ready to challenge the school board's move in court. The human rights campaign says the district is sending a harmful message to LGBT students.

Student organizer Lachele Brown said, "The group was a gay straight alliance.  It's for all of us to be together so that we can stop bullying just be together, but when the school district tried to put in place this new rule, it was devastating because some kids haven't come out to their parents yet so it's going to be hard for them to talk."

Students say they want a club where they can talk about issues they face in and out of schools.

Rankin County Superintendent of Schools Lynn Weathersby issued a statement saying the district does not promote discussion of sexuality by students at school.

A small group of counter-protesters showed up briefly.  They said they oppose the alliance because it went against their religious beliefs.

There was no interaction between the two groups, and no incidents.

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