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Emotions runs high on MLK Day, but why?

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Today and over the weekend, a number of events and marches have taken place honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - including one in Monticello.

After we posted video of the march on WLBT's Facebook page, we got a lot of opinions - good and bad.

One woman wrote: "This is not representing MLK. He is rolling over in his grave right now over all this protesting, this is not what he wanted.

Another person posted: "All human beings are owed basic human rights, that includes slaves and slave owners."

Although it's been 50 plus years since Dr. King's March on Washington, it still raises so many emotions for people.

Local professors say it's because of the years of oppression and simply a lack of education. But they say the discussion has to happen to figure out ways to move forward.

"I think that's the appropriate place and time to do it. That's what Dr. King believed in having justice for all of us," says Dr. Ollye Shirley, Civil Rights activist and educator.

Dr. De'Andre Orey, Professor of Political Science at Jackson State, says it's recent national cases that still create tension.

"When we have these travesties such as the death of these young men, they tend to begin to lose their belief of the American dream," he says.

Jaclyn Anderson says, "I think it's a confusing day for a lot of people because there's still so much left that needs to be done. I don't think that we've achieved what MLK wanted for us to have achieved by now."

But many, like Anderson says the hope is still there.

Gerald McWhorter says, " He freed white people from their prejudices and their fears. He's just as important to me as he is to you."

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