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College students gather on MLK Day to talk social issues

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Millsaps and Tougaloo Colleges are recommitting to a decades old relationship in hopes of improving race relations in the state.

Nearly 50 students gathered for a 'Meeting of the Minds'. After introductions they sat in groups to talk about campus lives, their personal interests and social issues - the differences and similarities of this generation from race to religion.

In the 1930's Millsaps and Tougaloo developed a relationship to bridge racial divides.

On Martin Luther King Day, these young people are hoping their discussions will establish ways that lead to a less racially divided society.

Trey Vernaci, Millsaps' SBA President, says, "We're hoping that we can establish a community where it's not just that one side dictating how they feel about a certain issue. When we come together as these two colleges we're trying to make a statement that you have to have both sides coming together."

"We can move forward as young people because as Martin Luther King was a 25-year-old leader, we also can be 25-year-old leaders as well," says Diva Whalen, Tougaloo College's SGA President. "We don't have to wait until the older generation or for someone to give it to us. We can start our movement now."

An MLK Day of  service, praise and prayer followed the Meeting of the Minds at the Gertrude C. Ford Academic Complex.

Each college's president reminding this generation of leaders of their responsibilities to peacefully fulfill Dr. King's dream in a country filled with racial tensions.

On the Tougaloo College campus at Woodworth Chapel, the day of service concluded with the Civil Rights leader being honored by his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.

King spoke at the college during the height of the civil rights struggle.

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