Friends speak out on sudden death of MS Mass Choir member - - Jackson, MS

Friends speak out on sudden death of MS Mass Choir member


We're learning more about the man who died just days ago after a house fire in Jackson.

Now as the investigation into Murphy Wilson's death continues, his best friend says the loss is almost too difficult to imagine.

"This is a real loss. My life will be changed forever. I'm just grateful to the fact that I was allowed time to know him. To know a true friend, to know a true brother," said friend David Atkins. 

Atkins says he's still in disbelief over Wilson's death Wednesday night.

Wilson was found dead inside his home after a house fire on East Drive.

"Total shock. My heart -- a part of me is gone now because he was a part of my heart. True brother, true brother. And if you knew Murphy, you were family," added Atkins.

The two sang together in the Mississippi Mass Choir.

Wilson was also Atkins' hairdresser.

Atkins said he talked to Wilson every day.

When he didn't hear from Wilson Wednesday night, he knew something was wrong.

"Now, I have to get used to a day going by without conversing or chatting with him and so, that's pretty rough. That's real rough. That's the hardest part of this whole thing," Atkins said.

Was foul play a factor in Wilson's death?

Final autopsy results are still pending, but Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart said a preliminary examination revealed no gunshot wounds.

"All I can say is, you know, I do believe that whatever it is, it will be revealed. I just don't know. Nothing makes sense, but we're still waiting to find out this and that," said Atkins. 

Jackson police noticed Wilson's vehicle missing after the fire.

In addition, fire investigators believe the fire started in the bedroom where they found Wilson, but don't know yet what caused it.

"All I know is that my true friend and brother is no longer here. That's all I know. And my life will never be the same," Atkins added.

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