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Ways To Protect Yourself from Theft

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Earlier this week, police arrested at least 10 people for their alleged involvement in a series of carjacking's that spanned across several counties in Mississippi.

The investigation began with Carolyn Temple's Case in Belhaven. 

In those nearly dozen cases, Jackson Police said at least half of those victims were women.  Most of these carjackings and thefts happened in the late night, early morning hours while it was still dark outside.

"People need to know how to get out of a dangerous situation"

At the Martial Arts Academy in Madison, owner, Jaung Ho Park says that's exactly what they do, teach people how to protect themselves. They start with the basics.

"Beginning from how to make fist and how to make high block, low block, outside block, inside block," Park explained.

Park says it's important for women to know the weakest point on a man, so they know where exactly to strike.

"The weaker points for the man is solar process, and atoms apple and temple, eyes, those areas. Reporter: And so those areas should be the first areas that women attack? Park: It's easy to find for her and to attack them," Park said.

Park showed our reporter, Annette Peagler basic moves that designed to hit those weak areas - he said the man's groin and toes are also sensitive spots.

"Especially the woman's heel. The shoes, the high heel. That is the strong part in using that one to step on the man's toes that will be good yes"

Also - don't make yourself a target.  If you carry a purse, keep it close to your side...purses left unattended can be easily snatched.

The best thing to do is to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Also trust your gut.

"Make sure someone knows where you are and making sure, looking around, make sure there is no strange guys around you," Park said.

The Martial Arts Academy is located in the Colony Crossings complex in Madison. Its number is 601-898-5555.

They offer all types of classes, not just for women but for men and children as well.

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