Grants for home buyers who qualify - - Jackson, MS

Grants for home buyers who qualify

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - There are 30 homes scattered throughout Jackson that are for sale with a special deal: a zero percent interest grant. 

The people gathered Saturday morning at New Horizon Church International on Ellis Avenue are gathering information and trying to pre-qualify for one of those homes. 

"Depending on your credit score, it can be up to $39,000 in grant money. The grant cannot exceed the purchase price of the home. It can't go over 50% of the purchase price of the home," says Jenny Layton with the Mississippi Home Corporation.

Jackson Police Officer James Chatmon is hoping to land a good deal. 

"Right now I'm renting," he says. 

But he hopes to finally start building equity. 

"It absolutely is a good deal. Very good deal. I was reading that the mayor is a part of it, and I'd like to thank him personally for putting it out there so the public can know about it," Chatmon says. 

Mayor Tony Yarber helped announce the program Friday on Dorgan Street in South Jackson. 

"This is huge. It gives people the opportunity to qualify for homes and home ownership. That's one of the keys and bedrocks of stabilizing neighborhoods," Mayor Yarber says. 

Realtors were stationed at the houses Saturday, ready to greet potential buyers. 

"Once they go to the home buyer fair, they can actually come view the houses, see how good they are, see what kind of shape they're in," says Jesse Davis with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. 

The Home Buyer Advantage is a grant offered through the Mississippi Home Corporation. The 30 houses are first-come, first-serve, and there will be no more available with the grant program when they're gone. 

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