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Beer sales illegal at Mississippi breweries


You can tour one of Mississippi's breweries and learn about how the beer is made. But some say state law is denying them a chance to make more money.

They're allowed to give no more than six 6-ounce samples. But if you like it enough to open up your wallet, you're out of luck.

Todd Parkman is the Vice President of the non-profit Raise Your Pints. He said Mississippi is one of just four states where on-site sales are illegal.

"You can't buy anything direct be it from a pint to a 12 pack," Parkman said.

Parkman described taprooms as a potential life-line for small operations.

"It's a great thing for the brewery itself because it allows them to build a brand," described Parkman. "It allows people to become familiar with their product. It's very profitable for them. Helps keep small breweries like this afloat."

It's not just tourists who Parkman says could benefit from buying beer on-site.

"It's kind of the whole farm to table thing except beer," explained Parkman. "It's proven over and over that people will drink local if you just give them that option."

There's now a Mississippi Brewers Guild. They aren't pushing any legislation this year, but they are hopeful that Mississippi won't be last in making a change to legalize beer sales at the breweries.

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