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LOOK AROUND: A Delta winter

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Catch the Delta on a cloudy late afternoon in winter when it seems like all the color has been drained out of the world and there is nothing left but gray sky and brown trees and black dirt and it's easy to understand how this could be the birthplace of blues music. It's so mournful and depressing. 

And if you don't check yourself, you'll get it in your mind that the Delta is a drab place in winter. 

Could be. Maybe that's why it's even more impressive when a splash of color DOES manage to work its way into the landscape.

Usually it's a combination of sunshine and a background of blue sky that brings back the color. 

Get that going for you and even the laundry hanging on the clothes line seems to want to dance a little in the breeze. And the sunshine, accents shapes that otherwise might fade into a flat, shadow-less background.

And while some Delta residents who can, may take a winter vacation out of the cold and drabness of it, snow geese flock to it. Hundreds and thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands of them, are here in the hibernating cotton and cornfields over the winter. 

Of course, the snow geese being here may be one reason Delta folk may choose winter to get away. 

They are geese, after all. Pleasant from a distance, but I wouldn't want a bunch of them out in my yard.

Let day start dying and that's when the Delta really comes alive with color and character. 

I don't know how many miles I've driven in the flat Delta watching the shadow of my car chasing along side of me. I realize that I am easily amused, but I don't recall this phenomenon occurring anywhere else but in the Delta. Probably has, but I notice it more there.

It's the low angle of the sun that sets off the sleeping rows in the fields, patiently awaiting the spring thaw and planting. 

It's the low sun reflecting off the surface of the rivers and the bayous that puts the silver in the water to accent the gold in the sunset.

And it's the setting sun that paints mid-day gray dormant tree trunks an afternoon red. And it's the sunset that crowns the day with color that, while you can see like this elsewhere I suppose, it's appreciated more here in the Delta at the end of a winter day.

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