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Madison woman reunited with lost dog thanks to Entergy

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

A Yorkie puppy has been reunited with her owner in Madison today all thanks to an Entergy serviceman.

A Madison woman called 3 On Your Side distraught, thinking her dog may be in the arms of the wrong person.

A neighbor told Sandy Cockrell that an Entergy worker had found her puppy.

She called Entergy but was told it would take 24-36 hours to get the wheels in motion to investigate the situation.

As it turns out, Russell Thomas, an Entergy serviceman, and his wife tried to find the owner by coming back to the neighborhood on Thursday night and then posting a picture of Mia on Facebook.

In the end, the frantic search turned into a very happy reunion.

While our crew was at Cockrell's home, another Entergy serviceman drove up with some good news.

Sam Smith, with Entergy, told us that the puppy was found near Hoy Road.

"We got the dog and he will be here in just a few minutes," Smith told Cockrell.

It was a very emotional reunion for Cockrell. She lost several pets, including a Yorkie, in a house fire November 15.

Mia was a gift from her husband just two weeks ago to take away her grief.

Cockrell is grateful to Entergy and Thomas Russell for rescuing her new pet.

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