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Making a Difference: MEC Tornado Appeal

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Things like tornadoes and the like make a top story for a while until the flurry dies down and then the hot news shifts elsewhere. 

But for the people involved this will be the top story for them for weeks or months, or maybe even years, before their lives get back to normal - if it ever does. People who had losses in December's tornado outbreak could still use some help. 

And I think Blake Wilson with the MEC puts it very succinctly.

Wilson says, “As the state chamber of commerce, our focus is on putting attention on things of need and when there is a disaster like this there is a great need. There is a great need for people to come together and businesses to come together and contribute. Because it takes many months, in fact for some of these folks it's going to be years, because they've lost everything. And its really an opportunity for us by giving a little bit from lots of people to make a difference. So our encouragement is to say, send a monetary donation. Or if you wish to make a physical donation the Columbia Strong Fund managed by the Pine Belt Foundation is excellent. In addition to that there is Woodlawn Church in Columbia, which is accepting all kinds of donations. They need tuna fish. They need cleaning supplies. They need gift cards of $20 or less so they can get them out to lots of people. So if you want to go down there and make a donation, you go to the Woodlawn Church and you can do that.

The Greater Pine Belt Community Foundation is really at the point of this. The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are outstanding charities who in ANY disaster are always there and we have to keep them strong.”

All that to say just because the sun is back out doesn't mean the storm is over for the people who were hit hard by it. 

It doesn't take much, but if all of us chip in we can really make a difference.

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