Doctor working out of his car says he is not surrendering his me - - Jackson, MS

Doctor working out of his car says he is not surrendering his medical license

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EDWARDS, MS (WLBT) - Our story about an 88-year-old doctor who is seeing patients out of his car in Edwards continues to create national buzz. 

Today, we talked exclusively with him as he made the decision not to surrender his medical license.

Dr. Carrol Frazier Landrum says, "Mr. Pitts, I'm Doctor Landrum. I have called to tell you that I have decided to not resign my medical license. I thank you kindly."

Dr. Landrum says the State Board of Medical Licensure demanded he surrender his medical license today. But he says, he's not going down without a fight.

"I've done nothing wrong," he says. "Why be thrown under the bus when you've done nothing wrong and lose your livelihood basically for the rest of your life?"

Dan Mashburn says, "He's doing a great service here, really, a great service. Because these people can't afford to go to doctors."

"Dr. Landrum was my doctor when I was like seven years old," Ruth Daniels tells us. "He has taken care of all my nine sisters and brothers."

Supporters, patients and petitions filled with hundreds of signatures continue flying in.

One Edwards resident says, "He's been here for over fifty years, almost sixty and we really need him here."

Some are concerned about the sanitary conditions of him practicing out his Toyota Camry, but that could soon change.

One Edwards resident says, "If they would just let him stay here they are already trying to fix him a facility."

A local contractor says once he completes a building he is working on, it will be turned into Dr. Landrum's new office.

Dr. Landrum told us today, "There's no way I can tell you how much and the extent I appreciate you. I appreciate you more than I can every say."

Dr. Landrum says his phone call to the board has yet to be returned.

When we called the board for comment, Doctor Vann Craig told us Dr. Landrum was not on the board's agenda today so they are unsure when the case will be brought up.

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