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Helena White meets her heroes

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BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - William Banks had just gotten the knife for Christmas, never knowing that on December 28 he would use it to help save the life of 4-year-old Helena White after an accident on Star Road. Banks can't swim, but the vehicle was submerged in water. 

"They were asking for a knife, I had a knife. I jumped into action, I cut the child out of the seat. After that I couldn't get her out, she was pinned between the seats," he says. "Me and the other Samaritans lifted the car. Me and the mother, in the video that everybody has, we were just coming out of the water. We put her on the bank, other Samaritans did CPR. We got her back alive, I heard her cry, that was the most amazing sound." 

The Samaritans made it easier for Paramedics Todd Shook and Jimmy Miller. 

"When we first made contact with the patient, she was breathing. We had to secure the back board, suction her," Shook tells us.

"I want to thank the people who were first on scene, got her out of the car, had the training and knowledge to administer CPR. They saved the little girl's life," adds Miller. 

White has fully recovered from being submerged under water for ten minutes, and complications including double pneumonia, MRSA, and staph infection. She watched as her heroes were honored with a resolution of bravery and outstanding citizenship from the Rankin County Board of Supervisors Thursday morning, 18 days after the accident. 

Afterward, she held tight to her grandfather, Ray White, with whom she has shared her memories of that day. 

"She told me about being upside down, she told me her window was down and the car was filling up with water. And she said I can't forget," White says. "I just absolutely believe with all my heart that God was there."

Helena White turned 5 years old on January 5.

Those credited with saving her life include Todd Shook, Jimmy Miller, Tristan Jackson, Harmon Jackson, Jessica Dixon, William Banks, Noah Cheeks, Evan Osborne, Brett Ishee, Deputy Wade Spencer, and members of the Robinhood Fire Department. 

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