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Woman injured during Yazoo City gas station robbery

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

A Yazoo city woman is recovering from injuries sustained during a morning robbery.

Police say she was beaten in the face with a loaded gun during the incident.

Surveillance video from the Mayfield's Exxon gas station on highway 49 in Yazoo City shows the victim just as she's able to escape her attacker and drive away.  

She was at her car when an armed man came up, demanded money and her car, then began assaulting her.

Police Chief Jeff Curtis said,"In attempts to remove her from the car and gain control of the vehicle, he struck her and struck her with the weapon. When he struck her with the weapon, the weapon discharged and came apart. We were able to recover the disassembled weapon."

He can be seen on the video jumping in the back of a silver Chrysler that had damage to the drivers side door.  

This is the same Exxon station that was robbed in September.  

Owner Judy Dileo said,"It's not only in that particular neighborhood its all over town. They're doing the best they can but the people are very frustrated and afraid."

Dileo's family has been hit hard by criminals this year.  

Back in August her mother Janelle Fratesi was severely beaten during a home invasion.  That case remains unsolved.

"This is not the first armed robbery attempt we've had in the last few days. We had a lady who was accosted at her home, and we had one other attempt," said Chief Curtis.

Chief Curtis who was just hired on in late December says he's aware of the crime problem, and has hired 5 new officers.  

He say's he'll need time to get it under control.

"Yazoo City is not going to get to be one of those areas you can come in and freely violate our citizens and our businesses. We're going to enforce the law to the fullest," said Chief Curtis.

Chief Curtis has 30 years of law enforcement experience, and lives in and owns a business in Yazoo City.

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