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Brookhaven Police need your help identifying body

BROOKHAVEN, MS (WLBT) - Chief Bobby Bell, of the Brookhaven Police Department, says they need help identifying a woman found dead on Tuesday morning.

Around 9:30 a.m. police received a call saying there was a body in a vacant lot on Crooked Lane in Brookhaven.
She's described as a black female; around 5'5, 150-160 pounds; anywhere from late 30's to 50s. 

She is wearing tan pants, a light blue shirt, and a black and gray coat. 

Lavonna Mcnulty and her kids have been living on Crooked Lane for four years and says the news of a body popping up in the neighborhood is odd. 

"I think it's shocking for someone to do someone like that and I pray for her family. On this side of Crooked Lane nothing like this ever happens," Mcnulty explained.

Police say she did not have any identification on her. The body was taken to the crime lab. Her autopsy will reveal the cause of death. 

"Whatever happened, I hope police get to the bottom of it," because there are kids and families that stay around her," Mcnulty said. 

There were no signs of trauma, gunshot wounds or stabbing wounds to the body.

Anyone with information call Brookhaven Police at 601-833-2424.

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