Contractor says lack of funds caused halt in couple's home renov - - Jackson, MS

Contractor says lack of funds caused halt in couple's home renovations

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In October, some siblings came together to renovate their parents home, but repairs were stopped because of claims of bad work.

Now the contractor is denying those accusations and blames the children for not financing the project.

Contractor Chuck Mitchell said he was moved by 10 siblings who wanted to renovate their parent's Jackson home and agreed to work with them to get the project done without making a profit.

Now he says his act of kindness left him thousands of dollars in a hole because the Taylor children didn't have the money to pay for any phase of the work.

His company began the work at the home of Dwight and Yvette Taylor in October after the children said they raised money to finance the project.

But the 18 year contractor said work stopped after two and a half weeks.

"They never had anything to work with because the Taylor children weren't able to buy anything and so they were looking for me to buy but they were still calling my people to come over there and do little petty things and the money was going up everyday," said Mitchell.

On Sunday, Mrs. Taylor told us that the repairs were never completed because the work was substandard.

She said the bathroom shower was installed incorrectly causing a water leak in the wall and had to be removed.

"So that was $500 gone down the drain," said Yvette Taylor while pointing to a discarded tub and shower in the yard of their home.

Mitchell said he gave them an estimate of $26,000.00 to renovate several rooms, but after being informed that they didn't have that much he agreed to just redo the master bedroom.

He said that has cost him nearly $3,300 in materials and labor.

But the Taylors provided receipts totaling over $2,000 and a letter that indicated that Mitchell would not be paid until each phase of work was completed.

"All of that is null and void. It means nothing because they didn't have any money," Mitchell said in response to the letter.

The Taylor children say they spent about $3,200 in materials that went to waste.

In the meantime, the parents had to pay to redo the bathroom which was supposed to be a gift from their children.

According to the siblings, they are continuing to raise funds to renovate the entire house.

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