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Mississippi could participate in 2016 Southern Super Tuesday

A Southern shake up could re-shape the way presidential candidates campaign in 2016.

"I really predict that you'll start seeing presidential candidates here very shortly, within the next 90 days," explained Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.

Hosemann wants to see Mississippi move it's presidential primary date up by three weeks. The idea is that at least five others, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee, would do the same. That would make voting day 2016 the first Tuesday in March.

"That's the reason we call it the SEC primary," said Hosemann.

He thinks a Southern Super Tuesday could be a game changer.

Millsaps College political science professor Kenneth Townsend thinks that could make Mississippians feel like their vote matters more.

"By the time that we get the chance to vote, the decision has almost been made already," described Townsend.

Townsend points out that candidates attention could still be divided with multiple states joining in for a March 1 primary. But to him, the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks.

"I'm for anything that help shake up the primary process a little," said Townsend. "Because it doesn't really seem right for two states, in particular, Iowa and New Hampshire to have such disproportionate influence in picking the nominee."

Hosemann thinks the change would cause more candidates to make a Southern swing on the campaign route.

"We believe that the next President of the United States, whoever he or she is, should come through Mississippi," noted Hosemann.

Legislation to make the change in the schedule for Mississippi will be introduced this legislative session.

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