Civil Rights Attorney Talks About Dr. King's Legacy - - Jackson, MS

Civil Rights Attorney Talks About Dr. King's Legacy

This week, we can expect celebrations honoring Dr. Martin Luther King happening all over the Capitol City.

Sunday at St. Peters Catholic Cathedral Church, folks from all over the United States gathered to honor one of the pioneers of civil rights, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Well known civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump talked about King's life and legacy and the fight for equal justice.

"The message is quite simple, Dr. Martin Luther King said true peace is the goal and true peace is not just the absence of tension but it is the presence of Justice real justice," said Crump during his keynote address.

Dr. King's life was celebrated through music by the interfaith community choir and with a powerful speech by Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump, known for representing the family of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, two cases that sparked a nationwide conversation about police relations and race.

"Dr. King said we can't do that just for the sake of saying we're peaceful we're being well behaved because that's not true peace. True peace is when you have the presence of Justice and never has that been more relevant than today whether it be in Ferguson, MO or Statin Island, New York or Cleveland, Ohio," Crump explained.

Hate crimes are still happening all over the US, including one here in Mississippi, the death of James Craig Anderson.

"Dr. King reminded us that the laws have to be just and when laws aren't just then we have to challenge those laws," Crump said.

"Of course and it's the thing that us old timers have been pushing for years now come on get on board get involved we may have experienced something different from what your experiencing but it's all of our game now," said George Swales of Columbus, MS.

And Crump says the fight for equal justice starts with teaching our youth.

"Trayvon Martin and other people have been hurt and it seems like nothing is being done most of the time and I feel like somebody should really understand that something has to take a stand eventually," said James Murphy, a high school senior from Illinois.

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