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Jacksonians concerned about recent shootings

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In the last 36 hours, the Capital City has seen three shootings, one of them ending in a homicide.

Resident Lakeshae Garrett said she believes in the city of Jackson, but recent events leave her disheartened.

"We take our trash out, leave and go to work, go home, go to school, church. You know, you have to be on your p's and q's with everything that you do now here in Jackson, and it's just sad."

Since 8:30 Friday night, three shootings have taken place in the city.

The first involved a man shot over a dice game in the 1200 block of Morson Road.

The 38-year-old victim was shot in the abdomen, and investigators say he sustained life-threatening injuries.

A few hours later, Jackson police responded to an auto shop off Highway 80 West.

Officer Colendula Green said the owner of First Line Automotive shot a man who broke into his business.

That suspect, 23-year-old Jamie L. Rose of Jackson, died at the scene.

The case has been ruled justifiable homicide.

Less than an hour after that, another shooting rocked the neighborhood on Smith Robinson Street.

Green said it stemmed from an altercation, and another man, 50-year-old Tomme McGowan was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

"With so many happening in the city of Jackson, you're concerned for your safety, your family's safety, your friends' safety, everyone as a whole," resident Albert White said. "We have to stand up for Jackson and make it a better place once again."

These three shootings are not believed to be related.

Still, they make many in the Capital City cautious, and some are downright frustrated.

"People should not be afraid and scared to come out of their own homes to go about their daily lives," Garrett said.

Still, Garrett said she feels concerned about the city's image in all this.

She believes Jackson should be an example for the state, and in her opinion, some of the crime out there stems from a lack of leadership.

"[Sheriff] Tyrone Lewis, Chief Lee Vance, Mayor Tony Yarber, your citizens are out here," Garrett said. "They want you to do something. Step up the efforts. Make it happen. We're rooting for you, but we just want you to do something."

Garrett added that she applauds recent efforts by Mayor Yarber and JPD to put more of an emphasis on community policing and neighborhood watch efforts.

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