Pastor doubts impact of any gay marriage ruling - - Jackson, MS

Pastor doubts impact of any gay marriage ruling

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Who can say "I do" in the Magnolia State is left in the hands of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. As the the three judge panel heard the gay marriage case, a small group of advocates gathered at Smith Park in Jackson.

"Marriage equality is something already afforded to every U.S. citizen but the LGBT community," said Get Equal Mississippi's Steven Wilson. "It's not a special right to us. It's about us becoming equal to our heterosexual predecessors."

The courthouses might get busy if they get that right. But churches don't expect much to change. Emmanuel M.B. Church Pastor Jesse Horton doesn't think it would skew anything about what his church does.

"We are so passive in the church now," Horton said. "We're more about trying to get along with people rather than to take a stand on these issues."

A legal professor tells us the First Amendment is all the protection churches really need. A pastor can say he won't marry a couple because it is inconsistent with his or her religious beliefs. That's the only reason they need.

"I take comfort in knowing that," described Horton. "I just don't trust it."

Horton's church has taken one more step.

"We came together and decided that we was going to get this into our constitution that the church would not take part in marrying the same sex," he explained.

Horton believes we are all God's children. It's not a closed door policy for homosexuals.

"They can all come to church here," Horton noted. "I'll accept them in worship service but not membership. Because if I accept them as members of the church then I owe them the rights that I owe anyone in the church."

The Fifth Circuit has not reached a decision in the case yet.

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