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Facebook helps reunite war veteran with ring

Source: Sunny Sweeney Source: Sunny Sweeney
Source: Sunny Sweeney Source: Sunny Sweeney
Source: Sunny Sweeney Source: Sunny Sweeney

Social media has reunited a war veteran with something very near and dear to him. 

One of our Facebook viewers wrote to us about a lost Iraqi War ring. 

She says that one of her Facebook friends, Sunny Sweeney, posted that her aunt found the ring at the Hampton Inn in Natchez. The only clue as to who the ring belonged to were the initials K and H that were engraved in it. 

A middle initial was also engraved on the ring, but Sunny left that part out so she could find the true owner.

Sunny posted pictures of the ring and shared it on Facebook in hopes that somebody would know who this ring belonged to.

Allison Ann Dalton, saw the post and noticed the ring that she had bought for her fiance, Kery Hatcher, several years ago. Apparently she didn't know he lost it.

Dalton commented on the post and said recently she wondered why she hadn't seen him wearing it. Then she sent a message to Sunny containing the middle initial, as proof that they were the owners of the lost ring.

Hatcher, an army veteran, also commented on the post. 

He explains that he lost it at the Hampton Inn back in July. He says he thought he had misplaced it at his house. When his fiance asked where it was he started looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere.

"I was so excited that my ring has been found," he writes. "I deployed to Iraq ten years ago on January 10, 2005 and I came home 9 years ago on January 5, 2006. It would only add to the sentimental value to get it back on my 10th anniversary of my deployment."

Thanks to everyone who liked and shared this post and helped. 

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