Cold weather threatens aging waterlines - - Jackson, MS

Cold weather threatens aging waterlines

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The city of Jackson is closely eyeing the cold weather, in anticipation if could cause problems on the capitol city's aging water system. In almost every neighborhood you can see old man winter's already done a number on the waterlines under the streets of Jackson.  

With the coldest temperatures of the year headed in, city departments held a preparedness meeting this week, laying out a plan to handle leaks as they occur.

City Spokeswoman Shelia Byrd says,

"Temperature fluctuations cause the pipes to break," said city spokeswoman Shelia Byrd. "We know we have an aging infrastructure system so that's likely to happen."

More manpower will be standing by to handle any problems.  The larger the pipe, the higher that repair will go on the repair list.

"Additional crews, on call crews as far as public works goes currently we don't have any major issues so were monitoring the water lines," says Byrd.

A close eye is being kept on major transmission and distribution mains.   The city's also stockpiled materials in anticipation for widespread leaks.

Residents are also being reminded they can report any waterline breaks or other problems to the Mayor's action line any time, by dialing 3-1-1.

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