State Farm gives tips to prevent frozen pipes during severe free - - Jackson, MS

State Farm gives tips to prevent frozen pipes during severe freeze

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State Farm wants homeowners to make plans to prevent frozen pipes as cold weather moves in. 

With temperatures predicted to drop into the teens, Mississippi residents can take steps both inside and outside their homes to prevent losses connected to frozen pipes. The frigid temperatures expected this week can cause pipes to freeze and burst, destroying floors, furniture, appliances and treasured family heirlooms. 

State Farms says there are a few simple safety measures that homeowners can take to protect pipes and homes during a freeze.

“A small crack in a pipe can leak water at a volume of 14 gallons a minute causing thousands of dollars in damage in a very short period of time,” says State Farm spokesman Roszell Gadson. “In most cases, water losses can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions.”

Minimize the chance your pipes will freeze by insulating pipes in unheated areas and those that run along outside walls, floors and ceilings. Disconnect outside garden hoses and seal foundation cracks that let arctic air freeze pipes in crawlspaces.

Here are a few more suggested measures to take:

· Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to piping under sinks and vanities near exterior walls.

· Run a small trickle of water from hot and cold faucets during extreme cold.

· Keep exterior doors to unheated spaces closed as much as possible during winter months.

· If you are taking a short trip or own a business that will be unoccupied for more than 24 hours, make arrangements to have the dwelling checked regularly during severe cold spells. Discovering a burst pipe or water leak quickly can prevent excessive damage.

Install a whole house water leak detection system. 

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