Code Red to help in local crisis - - Jackson, MS

Code Red to help in local crisis


There's a fairly new emergency alert system Jackson city leaders say you need to sign up for right now! 

The program called "Code Red Weather Warning," can alert residents during a crisis situation. One of the most recent alerts notified the community about preparing for the upcoming hard freeze. 

In addition to weather related emergencies, Code Red sends out alerts on boil water notices, evacuations, school closings, accidents, bio-terrorism alerts and other serious situations. 

The program is free and can provide timely information through your cell phone, email and land line.

"I can't stress the importance [of this] to our senior community because a lot of them don't have smart phones or computers and they rely on the land line and this system will reach your land line its just a matter of you putting your information in," said Sheila Byrd, the City of Jackson's Communications Director.

You can enroll in Code Red online at or call the Constituent Services Department at 601-960-2378. 

City officials are also going around to churches and large community events signing people up.

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