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MDES denies outdated job postings

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MDES Deputy Executive Director Dale Smith     Source: WLBT MDES Deputy Executive Director Dale Smith Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) has denied posting outdated jobs on their website. Officials with the state agency said users may not understand how the system works, but they are working to make it more user friendly.

"The vast majority of the jobs in our system are not outdated," said MDES Deputy Executive Director Dale Smith.

The agency official is defending the employment web site's job listings and say users should not confuse post dates with job availabilities.

According to Smith, the agency connected 35,000 Mississippians with jobs in 2013 and 30,000 with jobs last year.

"It's really a form of false advertising," said job seeker Shonja Riptoe. "It's making it look like they have more jobs than they have." 

The Jackson resident contacted 3 On Your Side about positions she said were no longer offered going back to 2010, but Smith said the dates may be misleading.

"Some of the job openings that are created, are created without a close date on them so the employers want them to be out there indefinitely," said Smith.

Riptoe pointed out a Dollar General job order from September 2012.

"That job is still available. It's for a sales associate, and that is a position that a lot of times has a tremendous amount of turnover," said Smith.

But he does not disagree with her frustration about the more than one hour wait time when calling the 1-800 number.

He said Christmas and New Year layoff unemployment filings and calls reporting fraudulent claims are increasing wait times.

"In addition we had some challenges with our call management system and we have actually stopped using that and have a new one on order," said the MDES Executive.

Smith said they also utilize the National Labor Exchange for some jobs which had an employer link problem which has been corrected.

Out of 150 populated cities, Wallet lists Jackson as 56th for job opportunities, 108th for unemployment rates for high school graduates and 63rd in unemployment for those with bachelor's degrees and higher.

Riptoe's response is that MDES improvements are still needed and insufficiencies shouldn't be swept under the rug.

Officials are also considering the elimination of job creation dates to cut down on confusion.

They say they are working to create a more noticeable pathway to offer comments on challenges or issues they find on the web site.

Currently you may make comments by email in the "Contact MDES" section.

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