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Parents rally the troops against Common Core

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Tuesday kicked off a new legislative session. But there could be some repeat debates. 

Last year's session kicked off with two anti-Common Core rallies. That happened again Tuesday. 

There are some new factors that could help the debate survive.

A standing room only crowd made some noise in a bottom floor conference room Tuesday morning. 

They made it clear that they're ready to fight Common Core. But not for the first time. 

DeSoto County parent Brandie Correro is fed up with the new standards.

"We're withdrawing tomorrow so we don't have to deal with it anymore," explained Correro.

Correro's 4th grade daughter reached a breaking point recently. She described this conversation that made her sit up and listen.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked her daughter. "She said, 'It's this math. I'm so stupid. I can't do it.'"

Correro says she's more comfortable home-schooling than putting her daughter through the added stress.

It was the same few faces leading Tuesday morning's rally. But the message seems to be resonating with more leaders this year, including Governor Phil Bryant.

"I think the dynamic has changed," said Bryant. "I think a lot of the members went back home. And they probably went to the coffee shop and they heard from people who said we are very uncomfortable with Common Core. We don't like it."

Bryant and Lieutenant Governor Reeves want to see it scrapped in exchange for new standards. Democrats like Senator John Horhn aren't opposed to the standards. But he's skeptical about what kind of changes they'll make.

"They won't deviate that much from what we already have," speculated Horhn. "But we'll probably call it something else."

The anti-Common Core group gathered a second time outside the Capitol Tuesday afternoon. That time sporting signs, stickers and buttons. All with their message of "Stop Common Core" included.

Correro admits she just hopes to get different results than last year.

"I want them to listen to the parents," she said. "I want them to hear what we're saying. What we see happening with our children."

The argument for those against Common Core usually focuses on the amount of control by the federal government. Meanwhile, the state department of education argues that it's state-led with local control.

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