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Man pleads guilty in Rankin Co. pond shooting

Cregg Puckett Source: WLBT Cregg Puckett Source: WLBT
Thomas Presley Source: Family Thomas Presley Source: Family

Cregg Puckett, the man accused of shooting a man 6 times in a property line dispute back in March 2014, has pleaded guilty to an attempted murder charge.

He has been sentenced to 40 years with 13 years suspended. Puckett will have to pay back $36,000 in restitution. 

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey says 31-year-old Puckett shot Thomas Presley at the pond that lies on part of Puckett's land in the 2000 block of Florence Byram Road. 

Witnesses say Puckett shot Presley after the two argued and Presley refused to get off Puckett's property.

Susan Presley, the victim's wife, says the two were not arguing.

She says her husband and Puckett were having a casual conversation about where various property lines connected to a mutually shared pond. 

Puckett told Presley to walk with him so he could show him where his property began.

Presley's wife says the instant her husband walked onto the property, Puckett pulled out a .22 caliber pistol and said "I've got you now..."

She says when Presley turned to walk away, Puckett began firing.

Presley was shot six times. He was hit in both legs, the buttocks and the lower back.

Prosecutors say Puckett has previously threatened neighbors with gun violence and had two outstanding simple assault charges at the time of the incident.

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