Candidates start filing letters of intent for 2015 elections - - Jackson, MS

Candidates start filing letters of intent for 2015 elections

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There's an election every year in Mississippi, and 2015 is for county and statewide races.

The rainy weather didn't stop the early birds from filing their letters of intent for the 2015 statewide elections. You could look at it as the kick off to another year of potential shake-ups in statewide offices.

"Old cliche saying is, you run opposed or you run scared," said Republican strategist Brian Perry. "I think every campaign that has an opponent should be running scared trying to get their people out."

For Republicans, it's about holding onto what they've got. They racked up in 2011 when they gained the first total Republican majority since the 1870's. Brian Perry thinks we'll hear a lot about that come election time.

"Generally, they've got a strong policy portfolio to take back to their voters and say, you elected me, I ran on these issues and this is what we've accomplished," explained Perry.

Even those in the know say there's still only rumors about who will run for certain seats.

"The big question is will Republicans have a candidate for Attorney General?" asked Perry. 'That's the only statewide elected official that's still a Democrat."

Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole says they are looking to capitalize on the desire for change in the legislature.

"There are thousands upon thousands of Mississippians who regularly vote Democratic," Cole said. "We intend this year to increase that number this year."

Cole says they'll do what they can to shift the power back in their favor.

"We intend to field strong candidates in the House and Senate with an eye toward taking the majority in the legislature," described Cole.

The primary is August 4th and the general election is November 3.

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