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Walt's Look Around: Snow Village

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The 12th Day of Christmas doesn't happen until the 6th of January, so we're still within limits to do at least ONE more Christmas story. And if you are one of those who put up a snow village for Christmas, you KNOW we are still within the time frame of how long you will let it stay up, because it takes so long to PUT it up to begin with.

Bill Stanford and his wife Margarita of Clinton have had a snow village up for many years now. It started small, but has grown to where putting it up and taking it down has become a major undertaking.

"It took me almost two months, But I started in September," said Bill. "I wanted to get it through before the Thanksgiving holidays. I wanted to enjoy them with my family."

Like so many others who have snow village as a hobby, Bill started off small, and with buildings that meant something to him. Sort of like the charms on a Pandora bracelet, only big enough to put on a shelf.

"I had Big Bill's service station, I had a theater because I worked as a projectionist back in high school and early college days. And had a church since I was a pastor," said Bill. "And then I just gradually added to it over the years."

Added to it until now it is an added-on-room to their house dedicated just to the snow village.

"I try to make it into the picture of a town that I would love to live in," added Bill. "It has everything that I would desire as far as places to go. I love the mountains and I love the snow and I just put it all in there."

"It just opens up a new world every year," said Margarita Stanford. "It's amazing to see what he's going to come out with."

Last year, for his 80th birthday, Bill took up painting so he could create his own backdrops for his snow village. Obviously, being a kid at Christmas, no matter your age, keeps you young.

And the Stanford's snow village will stay up until at LEAST the end of January. There are still friends who haven't seen it yet this year. And the kids in the neighborhood will still stop by after school. But then it has to come down. Because Bill and Margarita Stanford already have plans on how to change it and make it bigger next Christmas.

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