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Flu management might be your best plan this winter

We all know the flu vaccine is not a perfect match this year, but still doctors say you should get it. It can lessen the severity of symptoms.

Secondly, wash your hands. It really is that simple. "And never touch your face without washing your hands first," said family physician, Dr. Michael Dew.

Dr. Dew is seeing patients at the Byram MEA clinic. He says if prevention efforts don't work, don't ignore flu-like symptoms. "If you think you may having it...you are having cough, running nose, even vomiting or diarrhea, body aches and fever, you need to get in and get tested."

While the Flu shot is not the best match this year, the anti-virals like TamiFlu are still very effective against these strains of flu. "It does still hold an indication to lessen the duration and severity of symptoms and help people who are actively being exposed to it," Dr. Dew said.

Possibly the most miserable part of the having the flu is dealing with the symptoms. If you are treating at home, Dr. Dew says keep it simple. "With any kind of cold or flu like illness, mucolytics like guaifenesin, over the counter trade names would be Robitussin or Mucinex, taking those with lots of water would probably be the best way to avoid complications."

And finally, how log does the flu last? Dr. Dew says this year, it varies. If you fail to prevent the flu, concentrate on the management of symptoms and the prevention of complications.

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