New legislative session and statewide elections on tap for 2015 - - Jackson, MS

New legislative session and statewide elections on tap for 2015

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - 2015 is a statewide election year. Before the campaigns get in full swing, incumbents will have to make it through the legislative session. 

Senator Terry Brown explained how election years are different at the State Capitol.

"I think people are more selective about the bills they introduce and bills they support and co-author and what bills come up in committee," said Burton. "Committee chairman are a lot more careful. Just to make sure that nothing too controversial gets out."

All the lawmakers seeking re-election will have their jobs on the line just a few months later. Their attention while here will likely focus on education. Some of those debates started shaping up during their off-time.

"Obama administration and the U.S. Department of Education have hijacked Common Core," explained Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves.

Common Core is a topic the lawmakers have only discussed in small doses during past sessions. Now, Reeves is ready to wipe it out.

"I don't think they need to start from scratch," said Reeves. "I think what they need to do is take the standards that have been used in a lot of other states."

Funding for public education will also push buttons. In some cases, it already has.

"To say that we've got three percent revenue growth and to propose a budget which cuts public education, cuts community colleges and cuts universities," described Senator Hob Bryan in December. 

Democrats didn't waste time and offered up an alternative budget proposal. Citizens are jumping on the bandwagon asking lawmakers for more education money. 

Enough signatures were collected to put it on the November ballot. But some legislators have indicated they may try to introduce an alternative.

The statewide elections primaries will be August 4. The general election is set for November 3.

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