House dog shot to death in yard - - Jackson, MS

House dog shot to death in yard

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Christmas was cruel for a local dog owner. A young female house pet was gunned down while out on a leash in a south Jackson neighborhood. It happened Christmas day while the owner was at work.

The house is located on Meadow Lane. Kabookie was left outside on a lease for a short period of time.

"My dog was right here," said Willie Naylor, pointing at a wire. She was right here on her leash using the rest room."

Naylor had gone to work only to receive a chilling call.

"I say about no later than 20 minutes after I got to work my roommate called me. He said Willie, somebody shot Kabookie," said Naylor. "I said what are you talking about? And that's when he told me she had been shot in the leg 3 times and shot in the mouth point blank range."

Naylor filed a police report.

"I got a reward out for the capture of the person responsible for killing my precious Kabookie," said Naylor. 

The pet owner believes unsupervised children shot her with a pellet gun.

"You train a child to cover up, that it's okay to shoot animals," added Naylor. "who knows who they might shoot the next day. It could be a human being."

While Kabookie can't be replaced, Naylor's grief has been. His after Christmas present arrived days ago. A beautiful female puppy that he fondly calls Foxie.

The pet owner was so upset by the developments, he says he may move from the Meadow Lane home.

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