WATCH: WLBT anchor gets dissed by Fallon - - Jackson, MS

WATCH: WLBT anchor gets dissed by Fallon

Poor CJ Source: YouTube Poor CJ Source: YouTube
CJ LeMaster Source: MsNewsNow CJ LeMaster Source: MsNewsNow
It was a cold December night in New York City, when WLBT's own C.J. LeMaster made his debut on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

But, not in the way you might think.

C.J. was on his annual trip to NYC, when he and his mother got the opportunity to go see the Tonight Show. He was eager to finally be noticed by Jimmy.

"This was my fourth time attending a Jimmy Fallon taping, my first for the Tonight Show, and my first time sitting in an aisle seat," C.J. says. "As a fan of Fallon, I knew the coveted aisle seat meant I could finally get the post-show high-five I had tried unsuccessfully for in years past."

Unfortunately for C.J., that didn't happen.

"When he came down the aisle at the end of the show, I was psyched," C.J. recalls. "Then I saw this pregnant woman wearing an airbrushed shirt with Fallon's name on it. Knowing Jimmy was a new dad, I watched with detached horror as the late-night host proceeded to hug the baby, the woman and completely avoid my side of the aisle."

And the humiliation didn't stop there. C.J. tried yet again to grab the late-night host's attention, but was met with failure.

"When he turned toward me, I tried again, yelling in his direction. Then I realized with disbelief that he had seen yet another pregnant woman, this time in the row directly in front of me. I knew at that point, all I could do was smile through the pain."

A YouTube video has now been posted, on the account called thefalloning, in dedication to C.J.'s embarrassing rejection by Jimmy.

"I figured, hey, it's not so out of character for me to be self-deprecating in my humor, and a bunch of my friends found it hilarious enough that they tell me 'high five' randomly now."

It's okay, C.J. So what if you were dissed by Jimmy Fallon not once, but twice? 

High fives to C.J. for his effort.

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