Family mourns and remembers Trey Rich - - Jackson, MS

Family mourns and remembers Trey Rich


Trey Rich's mother and grandfather said they're at peace with the unexpected death of the 26-year-old .

They said they know in their hearts he is with God now.

"Life is choice-driven, the choices that we make, so I bear him no malice," said Elbert Rich, the victim's grandfather. "I feel for his family, because they're gonna lose. Nobody wins in this situation."

Elbert fondly remembered his grandson, as a hard worker with an infectious personality.

"We hear that all the time. 'My son was a good child,' but yet he's got a record a mile long," Elbert added. "But if you'll look into his history, he's never been in jail, never had any kinds of problems."

Elbert said Trey worked hard for everything he had, earning that job at FedEx in Jackson, even finding another way to work when a friend's vehicle fell through.

"People offered him phone numbers, but he's very independent," mother Cecelia Rich said. "And he said, 'Momma, the bike ride doesn't bother me.' And he was a health nut, health buff, and so he said the cycling helped him tremendously."

All that came to an end Christmas Eve night, when police said 29-year-old Reginald Davis struck and killed Trey while he was riding home from work.

Despite that unimaginable loss, Trey's family isn't angry.

"If that young man was standing here right today, I could hug him and cry with him, because, like I said before, I know he didn't leave home with the intent, the malice intent, of killing Elbert Rich the III," Elbert said. "That wasn't his plan at all."

Elbert said the incident at its core represents a bad decision, one he has clarity to talk about because of his faith in God.

Cecelia said that same faith keeps them at peace with her son's death.

"I thank God for my son, and if he chose him as his Christmas gift this year, it's my honor that he chose somebody so remarkable," Cecelia said.

The one thing both relatives said they hope comes out of Trey's death is greater awareness when it comes to drinking and driving.

Police believe Davis was intoxicated when he struck and killed Trey.

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