Work continues for many in the Metro on Christmas - - Jackson, MS

Work continues for many in the Metro on Christmas

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Christmas may be in full swing, but not everybody's home for the holidays.

For some retailers, Christmas Day is still business as usual.

Gas stations stay open for those holiday travelers, and a handful of restaurants cater to those who may not want that second day of Christmas leftovers.

The International House of Pancakes is one of those open on Dec. 25. In fact, they're open on every holiday.

"Believe it or not, between days like this, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, [this is] one of our biggest-selling weekends we normally have during the holidays," IHOP manager Danny Walker said.

Walker is working for the same reasons many work on Christmas: because they have to.

Employees at Walgreens are in the same boat.

A packed parking lot at one location in Jackson brought all kinds of last-minute shoppers as well.

"We ran out of garbage bags, so we have lots of family over," Hattiesburg resident Anna England said. "We have to come and get some more so we can throw our trash away."

England knows how frustrating it is to work on Christmas because she's done it.

"I used to work in retail, and had to work holidays. And it's miserable having to be away from your family, so I'm very thankful that places are open that we can actually come to," England said.

Not everybody who works the holiday shift has that experience, though.

"We just want to provide a good atmosphere for these folks to come in here and eat, you know what I'm saying? We want to provide a nice meal, a hot meal," Waffle House employee Dedrick Young said. "Just want to spread Christmas spirit over all."

That's why Walker has a smile on his face, even though he's worked just about every holiday this year.

"I love Christmas Day, man. I love this time of year, New Year's," Walker said. "I got kids, so, you know, early this morning, opening presents already brightened me up for the day. You know, that's a smile that lasts all day."

In addition to retail establishments, law enforcement, firefighters and medical professionals all work holiday hours as well.

A recent Allstate/National Journal poll said last month that one-fourth of Americans would be working on a holiday this year.

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