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YEAR IN REVIEW: Myra Lewis Disappearance


On March 1st a two year old girl went outside with her siblings to play and has not been seen since. 

Who can forget the sweet smile of the toddler, the Amber Alert and the heart wrenching search for Myra Lewis over the last nine months.

From psychics to Find Me Group, every lead, every tip has been investigated by the Madison County Sheriff's department and investigators determined to bring Myra Lewis home safely.

Sheriff Randy Tucker said, "obviously there's no footprints to follow, there's no magic wand you can wave it's frustrating at times."

In the latest developments in November, Sheriff Randy Tucker discussed the lack of new information in the case. In October a group of psychic detectives outlined their theory on how they believe the toddler vanished and gave specific geographic locations on where she could be. After an extensive search using dogs, helicopters and teams digging in areas around her family's home, including a pond, nothing was found.

Sheriff Tucker told us, "some think she may be deceased, some think she may be alive you know these are obviously strong contradictions and hypothesis, but we're gonna treat it like she's still alive."

There have been numerous theories, from Myra being kidnapped from her home on Mt Pilgrim Road in Camden to speculation about her family.

Greg Lewis said, "we appreciate all the prayers, all the people that are still in search for her. And if anyone has any information you know contact your local authorities regardless of where she may be and we just pray and hope that she comes home safe."

Ericka Lewis told us, "she wants her mom, she wants her sisters, she wants her Dad. I know she's ready. I'm ready for her to come home."

Her mother, Ericka Lewis was arrested shortly after Myra's disappearance for violating probation related to a food stamp fraud conviction. She was later released. The family has joined volunteers to pass out fliers and seek any information they can get.

Sheriff Tucker added, " you know we said early on that we wouldn't leave any stone unturned or any lead unfollowed and that's what we intend to do."

Social media has also played a part with the facebook page "Myra Lewis-Help Find Me." Reward money is being offered by the FBI and Crime Stoppers.

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