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Last minute shoppers filling lists of the needy

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Major malls and shopping centers closed their doors at six Christmas Eve. But some last minute shoppers still had hours to fill that list before the doors closed for the holiday.

Some of the last minute shoppers packing the parking lot of Walmart on Highway 18 weren't here to get things for their family but others in need.

Betsey and Joseph Gill who finished their shopping weeks ago met such a family Christmas eve.

"She's a single mom and she has five kids and she said she had one present for each of them and we kinda looked at each other and decided that we wanted to so something for them for Christmas," said Brandon resident Betsey Gill.

The Gills wrapped the presents in the store parking lot to immediately deliver them to the family.

"We got Christmas presents for each of the five kids. We got them a Christmas ham and dinner to go with that. just some stocking stuffers and a little bit for the mom," said Joseph Gill.

"I have an elderly woman that's like a mother to me," said Donna McCoy of Jackson. "I lost my mother two years ago tomorrow, and this woman called and said she needed some things from the grocery store." 

Parking lots were filled with gift givers who either procrastinated or intentionally take part in the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Some stores extended their hours Christmas eve. Walmart closed at 8 p.m., Toys R Us at 9 and Target at 10.

"Chaos, lots of people, long lines. everybody scrambling through the aisle everywhere," said proud procrastinator Alvin Magee of Jackson. "I stayed in line about a good 15 minutes and that was the short line." 

"I had to drive for like two and a half hours, and I got here to visit my family," said Lawrence Shields. "So we left some gifts, so I had to go buy some more." 

Those preparing that Christmas feast were grateful for the extended hours to pick up that missing ingredient for the family's favorite dish.

"I'm cooking, getting a lot of stuff ready for the holiday tomorrow," said Jackson resident Brandy Myles. "It's too many people. It's crazy. I've never seen Walmart this packed." 

Now only 365 more days until this all happens again.

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