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Burglar goes shopping at Rankin County convenience store

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Rankin County authorities are hoping you can help them solve a bold business burglary. It was all caught on camera at a convenience store in the Sand Hill community.

Just after midnight Saturday December 20, Rankin County authorities say a masked man entered Carter's Store on Carter's Store Road, taking his time selecting the items he wanted.

"The burglar felt confident once he was inside," said Rankin County Sheriff's Department Chief Investigator Raymond Duke.

The surveillance video shows that the man spent about 20 minutes in the store after entering a rear door. He first failed to breach a side door that was reinforced after a break in five months ago.

"The door, the bolts were actually knocked off the door," added Duke. "He used some sort of pry tool. You can see him on the video when he's destroying the cash register with a pry tool in his hand. He's wearing gloves too."

The burglar wore a green hoodie, camouflage sweat pants and hunting boots. Investigators describe him as a white male with brown to blond curly hair.

"He gets the gun, looks at it and pockets the gun," said Duke while pointing to video of the thief lifting a lock box and removing a black and silver gun.

Authorities said he got away with a Smith and Wesson 9 millimeter pistol.

After expending much effort to pry open the cash register, he only got away with a few coins.

Owner Jeff Burge said he looks like the same man who broke into his business in July.

"He's very bold. We feel confident that he lives in that area," said Duke. "The Sand Hill Community is a very safe community in Rankin County. So we don't have a lot of problems with commercial burglaries, residential burglaries either." 

Officials said he walked leisurely throughout the store as if shopping then loaded a duffle bag with the goods.

Stolen Silver coins, other merchandise and damages are estimated around $2500.00. This is the third break in at Carter's Store in the past two years.

Call the Rankin County Sheriffs Department if you recognize the man in the surveillance video or know anything about this crime.

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