Prosecutor could charge 9 in flamingo death - - Jackson, MS

Prosecutor could charge 9 in flamingo death


Prosecutors are preparing to ask a grand jury to indict nine college students who kidnapped a flamingo from the Hattiesburg Zoo.

Forrest County District Attorney Patricia Burchell said cases will be presented early next year.

Devin Nottis, 19, of Pascagoula was arrested Oct. 8 in connection with the theft and subsequent deaths of two flamingos from the zoo. A University of Southern Mississippi freshman, he was charged with grand larceny, two counts of animal cruelty and trespassing. He remains free on $17,300 bond.

Police said Nottis stole a female flamingo from the zoo during a fraternity pledge prank on Oct. 7.

Police have said conspiracy charges against others are possible.

Joe Paul, USM's vice president for student affairs, says Nottis and the fraternity remain suspended.

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