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Walt's Look Around: Christmas Lights

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There are lots of Christmas lights out there. WAY more than there used to be. You used to have to look for large Christmas displays. Now they are everywhere.

Let me start with a little history. Nearly 25 years ago I met Morie Moore in the Benton community in Yazoo County. He was the first fellow I met who worked for months to get his Christmas lights up. And after him doing it a few years he observed that it seemed that up and down the road more people were doing the same thing.

Earl Boyd down in south Mississippi had a bunch of lights he used to put up in the Salem community every year. When they got too much for him he donated them to Tylertown and that was the beginning of the Water Park Lights in Tylertown.

Jump forward to this year. Hayden Richardson on Sundial in Madison is a finalist in a national decorating contest and stands a chance of winning. He has hundreds of inflatable's and thousands of lights in his yard.

But here's a few more decorations you might want to go see. My cousin in Yazoo City wanted me to be sure and show you these. Yazoo City is just the 4th municipality in the world to be so lighted as they are lighted for the holidays right now. Folks in Yazoo chipped in private donations to buy them.

Brian Gomillion in Walnut Grove wanted us to see what his town is so proud of this year. A lot of festivity way larger than the town itself.

Not only individual yards but whole neighborhoods take part. My friend Mac Clement sent me these shots of his house in Country Place in Pearl. Tomorrow night would be the time to tour there. Not only will the yards be lit but the streets will be lined with luminaries.

I went to Jim Barns display in his yard on the south end of Lake Washington up in the Delta a few years ago. But that was before the days of panorama photography. Plus I didn't get to go out onto the lake in a boat and catch the reflection off the water.

The idea of lighting up the long winter night right here at the time of the year when we have the longest nights predates Christmas by at least a millennia. But I sure am glad we adopted the tradition and carry it on as a part of the modern day celebration. And everybody from cities and towns to individuals all chip in to spread cheer and light and hope at Christmas with a few thousand strands of lights twinkling overnight.

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