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Making A Difference: Les Jolies Dames de Charme

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The members of Les Jolies Dames de Charme, the Lovely Charming Ladies, are getting ready for another of their annual Christmas parties this week in Indianola. They've been having these kinds of get togethers for over 50 years.

In 1962 a group of 25 black women in the Delta, who had at least two years of higher education, organized the group for social interaction and as a civic group to help in their communities.

And, of course the membership has changed over the decades, but the number of active members at any one time has been kept the same, twenty five.

“Well the club is a place where you get together with ladies that thinks alike and have the same thoughts and have outlooks on what is happening in the world and in the community around us,” said Les Jolies Dames de Charme President Inez Cook.

The club has many events throughout the year as well as the Christmas party. One of the important ones is their annual pageant for young Delta ladies. Era Sims, a member of Les Jolies Dames de Charme adds,

“We get young ladies. And we try to help them to become better young ladies," said Les Jolies de Charme member Era Sims.

And one way they help is by giving scholarships through the pageant.

“And I attended Mississippi State University to major in elementary education and that scholarship helped me in a big way to buy books,” said Paula Galloway, who won the scholarship a few years ago.

And Les Jolies Dames de Charme has sometimes publicly, but more oftentimes quietly in the background, made differences for no telling how many people in the Delta over the last half century.

Like a young girl who had to come to Jackson for treatments. The club helped pay for her transportation for the endurance. Now she is a Delta attorney. And the list goes on. Inez Sims reminds us,

“And that's what our motto is. Touch lives: Make a Difference,” said Inez Cook.

And here at Christmas time there is the temptation to draw a parallel between the ladies in Les Jolies and the movie, It's a Wonderful Life. The Delta would have been a different place without them quietly fulfilling their motto, to Make A Difference.

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