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Hood to tackle Google amid lobbying allegations


Mississippi's attorney general is taking on Google in possible future litigation.

Jim Hood addressed recently published criticism that he and other attorneys general were influenced by Hollywood lobbyist Hood told reporters Thursday that his fight against the tech giant is something he's pursued for several years.

A New York Times article earlier this week said Hood and another attorney general were talked into the anti-Google stance by the Motion Picture Association of America in order to put pressure on the search engine for making it easier to find pirated movies.

Hood said he's talking about much more than that, claiming Google's failure to filter certain keywords allows anyone with access to the Internet the ability to learn how to purchase illegal drugs or fake IDs.

"We began working, in 2006, with these search engines, trying to get them to block out terms like 'child pornography.'" said Hood. "It took several years. We got Google to do that. Now, if you type in the words 'child porn', it will not autocomplete to say 'child pornography,'" 

Hood said typing in the word "prescription" produces the top auto-completed result "buying prescription drugs without a prescription."

Hood said he believes that is proof Google is helping Mississippians break the law.

"If they're stealing music and movies and software, you know, the piracy issues, that's bad, "Hood said. "That's a crime. Now, if Google is assisting them, they're assisting in a crime."

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