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JPS plans attack on bullying

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - When the learning process is interrupted, it hurts everyone in the classroom. That's why J.P.S. officials want to crack down on bullying in their schools. The district currently has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and aggressive behavior. 

Superintendent Dr. Cedrick Gray held a news conference, along with members of local law enforcement. In the coming weeks, teachers and administrators will receive specialized training at workshops on how to prevent bullying and the negative effects it has on all students in the learning environment.

"This type of activity may be impacting your child's ability to come to school and participate fully in class, therefore decreasing overall student achievements," said Dr. Gray.

J.P.S. officials are teaming up with local law enforcement, asking students and parents to report instances of bullying, including on social media.  

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance, a product of J.P.S. and Lanier High School, said he was never bullied in school, and  is ready to help those being harassed.

"I think that any student who enters through JPS is entitled to the same journey," said Chief Vance. "Having a child that's contemplating or actually performing suicide because they're afraid of bullying is unacceptable in today's society. We must all join together to eliminate this problem."

"We promote it as well as look forward to making and developing a great atmosphere for our students of this city to have an atmosphere of learning," said Sheriff Tyrone Lewis, who was also present.

Jackson Public Schools is also encouraging parents and students to report bullying, suspicious activity or weapons on their campus to their new tip line.

Anyone with information can call 601-987-3767, or they can email to this JPS Mailbox.

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