Wednesday's Child- Chase - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child- Chase

This week's Wednesday's Child plays football, baseball, likes basketball and all kinds of music. 16-year-old Chase is separated from his younger brother Jaggar, but he is hoping this is his year to find a forever family.

Chase is a natural athlete.  He says he enjoys a challenge like taking on golf at Bounce Palace in Pearl.

Chase said, "it takes time to aim, hit it into the hole."

Chase has played football on his high school team.  He says his favorite team is the New Orleans Saints and his favorite player Drew Brees.

Chase told us, "Because he's a good quarterback."

Given a choice Chase prefers the great outdoors.

Chase explained, "I'm a sports person. I like to go fishing, do all kinds of stuff. I'm an outside person not that much of an inside person."

Science and English are his favorite subjects. He also likes all kinds of music.

Chase added, "I have played the drums."

Chase has made up his mind about adoption and says he looks forward to having a family.  If they want to know some things about him, he says there are three important qualities.

Chase said, "I'm a good kid, I have manners and I respect the elderly."

He also knows what kind of family he wants.

Chase said, "I want to go to a family and not stay in a group home.  Some caring and they love me and stuff like that."

Chase is hopeful there is a family who will give him a chance, he is also hoping whether it is adoption or foster care he will always have contact with his brother.

To learn more about children who want permanent homes, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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