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Searching for Lil Boosie

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Each year Google releases a list of topics we've collectively searched the most for over the past year.

From its Year in Search, it has become pretty clear that a lot has changed in a year. For example, in 2013 we just wanted to know how to twerk, but in 2014 we wanted to know whether or not we had ebola. Robin Williams was the top trending search overall, following his tragic death back in August. 

We know what the world has searched for the most, but what about Jackson? Google has also released a list of Jackson's Top 10 searches over the past year.

While Robin Williams was still a top search in the metro area, it seems as though Lil Boosie took center stage. 

The rest of the list is here:

Top-10 Trending Searches in Jackson in 2014

1. Lil Boosie
2. iPhone 6
3. ebola
4. Robin Williams
5. Black Friday 2014
6. Flappy Bird
7. World Cup
8. Philip Seymour Hoffman
9. Tracy Morgan
10. Joan Rivers

Top-10 How To… Questions for Jackson in 2014

1. How to draw
2. How to sing
3. How to crochet
4. How to meditate
5. How to apologize
6. How to coupon
7. How to hack
8. How to knit
9. How to fast
10. How to pray

Top-10 What is… Questions for Jackson in 2014

1. What is ebola
2. What is diabetes
3. What is kale
4. What is anxiety
5. What is Obamacare
6. What is lobbying
7. What is Linkedin
8. What is Airdrop
9. What is solar
10. What is bitcoin

Top-10 News and Events for Jackson in 2014

1. ebola
2. Black Friday 2014
3. World Cup
4. Mardi Gras 2014
5. Olympics
6. Malaysia Airlines
7. NFL Draft
8. Ferguson
10. March Madness

Top-10 People for Jackson in 2014

1. Lil Boosie
2. Robin Williams
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman
4. Tracy Morgan
5. Joan Rivers
6. Ray Rice
7. Shirley Temple
8. Richard Sherman
9. Maya Angelou
10. Donald Sterling

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