Salvation Army: Nearly 300 Angels need 'adoption' - - Jackson, MS

Salvation Army: Nearly 300 Angels need 'adoption'


The Salvation Army of Jackson and area Metro children need your help to help make Christmas bright.

Tuesday the Salvation Army announced 293 angels had not been adopted through the 'Forgotten Angels' Christmas Program. 

"We need toys and clothes for boys and girls, ages 10-12," said Kristin Miller, Communications Director for the Salvation Army of Jackson.

Miller said the items are needed immediately because distribution will begin on Wednesday. 

"We haven't had this problem in a long time. Older children are usually more difficult to buy for, but we don't know why the number is so high this year," Miller added. 

Miller said the younger children usually get adopted first. 

Miller also said volunteers are needed at The Toy Shop, which houses the items, to assist with getting the items ready for distribution.

"We'll need help beginning on tomorrow (Wednesday) through Friday from 1:30-8 p.m.," Miller added.

Miller said it usually takes about five hours a day over the three-day period to get all of the angels their Christmas gifts. 

If you can donate, toys and/or clothes can be donated at 110 Presto Lane in Jackson or The Toy Shop, which is located at the lower entrance of the Metro Center Mall, 3645 Hwy. 80 West, Jackson, MS.

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