Marsha Thompson and CARA bring good fortune to abandoned dog - - Jackson, MS

Marsha Thompson and CARA bring good fortune to abandoned dog

Source: CARA Source: CARA
Source: CARA Source: CARA
Source: CARA Source: CARA
JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - We have a very special update for you about a dog with some good fortune.

Meet Fortune. 

She was abandoned by her family at a south Jackson home and a concerned neighbor was worried that the dog was left to die. 

Our very own Marsha Thompson had a hand in saving her life.

After the 3 On Your Side call from the neighbor, Marsha went to the home on Winn Street and found her chained in the garage.

Marsha says that the friendly young female had a choke chain around her neck and her ribs were showing. 

Johnny Sanders, who lives down the street told Marsha that he couldn't imagine how anyone would just leave a dog with no food or water. 

"It can't get water it can't get food," said Sanders. "It's just been abandoned."

Janet Madden, shelter manager at Community Animal Rescue and Adoption, said that they knocked on the door but no one came.

Marsha then decided to call Jackson police.

The officer went in, and confirmed no one was living in the house and he gave Marsha the necessary permission to get her to a rescue shelter. 

"Abandoning a dog like this, there's not a lot of options for this dog," said Madden. "We don't have the authority to go and get it. And neither do the neighbors that are concerned. And animal control has certain procedures they have to follow in order to get to the dog, so the dog is left on it's own. It cannot fend for it's self."

With permission from the JPD Officer, Marsha packed up the pup, chain and all, and took her to CARA. The young dog was greeted with open arms and treats.

"The authority thing is the biggest thing, said Madden. "You have to have the authority to do it. Now that she is here we will hold her for 5 days and then we will get her spayed and ready for adoption."

She now has a chance, and a new name. Fortune. 

CARA says this young female was one of the more fortunate dogs that has been abandoned. They have had situations where chained animals have died because no one knew they were left behind.

Thanks to CARA, Fortune is now in perfect health and is ready to be adopted. She is also being featured as CARA's Dog of the Week. 

Marsha says, "I'm grateful to CARA for taking her in without hesitation. I'm grateful to the Jackson Police officer who gave permission for us to remove her from certain death. And I must thank my WLBT photographer for loading up a strange dog in the back of our news vehicle and driving to CARA with a big smile on his face!"

If you are interested in adopting her, please go to and fill out an adoption application.

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