Citizens Unite Against Criminals in Hinds County - - Jackson, MS

Citizens Unite Against Criminals in Hinds County

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Concerned citizens in Hinds County discussed their concerns about what they say is a spike in house and auto burglaries in rural parts of the county. Sheriff Tyrone Lewis held a Town Hall meeting Thursday night to give advice on what homeowners can do to protect themselves, their neighbors and their property.

The Sheriff says there is strength in coming together and working together.

"It turned out exactly the way we wanted it too, because there's been a disconnect for so long between law enforcement and the community," said Sheriff Lewis. "And we all know that we can't do it by ourselves. This is not an us against them, this is an us against the criminal element. And the only way to get the criminal element out of the picture is for law enforcement and law abiding citizens to unite and that's what we're here doing tonight."

Sheriff Lewis also reminded those at the town hall meeting of the importance of looking out for their neighbors and passing on information to officers that can lead to arrests.

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