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Pearl Police looking for woman who cashed fraudulent checks

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PEARL, MS (WLBT) - More than 20-thousand dollars has been stolen from 15 forged checks, and it happened in less than six hours. Pearl Police need your help tracking down the woman they believe is responsible for hitting up numerous metro area banks in one day, cashing in on forged checks.

The woman is on the run with at least 24 thousand dollars of stolen money.

"At over 15 different locations, all within a six hour period," said Captain Brian McGairty.

She drove through metro area bank drive throughs, signed a fake name on the back of stolen checks and reaped the benefits from a stolen identity. 
McGairty says, fortunately her face was captured on bank surveillance cameras.

"Just in Pearl alone was 15 hundred dollars," said McGairty. "But if you add up all 15 cases and it may very well be more than that, but the 15 cases we know about the sum total worth of one days worth of expenses is 24 thousand dollars."

McGairty says prior to the woman cashing the fraudulent checks, she stole a purse from the reservoir area. That's where she got the ID to use, then continued to steal other items leading up to her money scheme.

"A few days later the same offender entered a restaurant in the metro area and noticed a purse left behind in the restaurant, and left the purse but took the actual credit cards and wallet out of the purse," added McGairty.

While this criminal remains on the run, how can you prevent yourself from becoming a victim?

"Main thing is just be careful," said McGairty. "Have your ID if you're doing your own business, but also be protective of those instruments; your checks, your id's. Keep them locked down and in a safe place."

Captain McGairty says the woman was driving a white Hyundai Sante Fe with tinted windows. She had a Texas plates on the car, however the tag did not belong to that vehicle.

If you have any information on this case or know who this woman is, you are asked to call Pearl Police.

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