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Flu bug is rapidly spreading

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The flu bug is biting. In fact, the The Mississippi State Department of Health reports influenza activity over the past several weeks has picked up significantly.The flu has spread statewide. You might want to roll up your sleeves, the flu is entering is peak season.

The CarePlus Reservoir Family Medical clinic is seeing an increase in patients.

"We are seeing predominately strain A," said Dr. Allen Sheely.

To avoid getting sick, the State Epidemiologist recommends a shot now, because the flu shot takes one to two weeks to produce immunity in your body. That means it's not too late to protect yourselves and your children according to Dr. Sheely.

Experts warn the predominant strain in Mississippi this season is H3N2, which can cause more severe illness in older individuals and young children than other strains.

"The flu shot does give you partial protection because the H3N2 strain looks enough like what we are already vaccinated against," added Dr. Sheely. "The antibodies you develop should theoretically give you some protection," according to the physician.

While this years vaccine is not a cure all for every stain, a flu shot can shorten the duration and severity of the flu if you get it.

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