Break in manhunt and arrest brings some relief to residents - - Jackson, MS


Break in manhunt and arrest brings some relief to residents

HINDS COUNTY, MS (WLBT) -  A recent rash of burglaries and car break-ins has some southern Hinds County residents angry and on guard. This past weekend, another break-in prompted those in the area to join law officer in the search for a suspect.

"They were actually on foot, and they did a little bit of searching Saturday," said Dry Grove Road area resident Julie McMurtrey.

Her family joined the hunt for the man who neighbors said broke into a house on Parsons Road Saturday and fled into the woods when deputies arrived. 

Viewers took pictures of the man as he was arrested by authorities after a more than 24 hour search. It ended shortly before 10 Sunday morning with 25 year old Steven Kavanaugh Brown of Ridgeland being taken into custody. That's good news for McMurtrey whose home was burglarized in November.

"The man was hiding in the brush, was in the woods and was I know my brother and fiance had told me that he was in and out of several brush pockets with briars and you could tell he had been into the briars and was pretty scratched up," said McMurtrey.

Hinds county sheriff's Department spokesman Othor Cain said Brown dropped his backpack containing his identification when approached by deputies Saturday morning sometime after 7:45 a.m. He fled into the woods and was tracked by volunteers in woods along Parsons Road.

Brown is charged with breaking and entering and fleeing a law officer. Cain says the investigation is ongoing, and other charges may be pending.

The 32 year old banker said guns and electronics were taken when thieves broke into her home in November.

"The door had actually been locked back but pried open," said McMurtrey. "Signs that it had been pried open and there were missing items in the home. I had been home probably an hour before we even realized that we'd been broken into." 

Those who live in the Raymond, Learned and Terry areas say the recent rash of break ins prompted them to beef up security, be more watchful and communicate through social media.

"One of the biggest concerns when the gentlemen fled on foot was our elderly community," said the lifelong Hinds County resident." We have several members of the community. My family's been out here since the 1940's, and we've never had anything like this happen." 

The Hinds County Neighborhood Watch group will hold a Town Hall meeting on the break-ins Thursday at the Eagle Ridge Conference Center in Raymond.

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